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Blenderm Clear Hypoallergenic Plastic Surgical Roll Tape by 3M

Flexible, Waterproof Barrier, Latex Free  3M Blenderm™ Transparent Plastic Tape is Latex-free, hypoallergenic and occlusive tape. This flexible surgical tape is designed to provide a barrier from external fluids and...
TapeWound Care

Medical Tape 3M Durapore, Box

Medical Tape 3M Durapore, Box. Features: A silk-like tape with a hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength and adhesion. It adheres well to dry skin. Hypoallergenic. Silk-Like Fabric. NonSterile.  ...
$31.77 $16.36
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Transpore Standard Hypoallergenic Porous Plastic Surgical Tape by 3M

Transpore Standard Hypoallergenic Porous Plastic Surgical Tape by 3M. Features: 3M Transpore Clear Porous Plastic Tape is conformable general purpose tape. Its bi-directional tear makes it easy to use when...
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Dressing Retention Tape with Liner Omnifix Elastic Skin Friendly Nonwoven White NonSterile

Omnifix elastic is permeable to air and humidity, which makes it extremely skin friendly and prevents maceration of the skin. The tissue attaches safe, but can be removed painlessly without...
$46.25 $4.95
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Micropore Hypoallergenic Paper Tape Roll by 3M

Micropore Hypoallergenic Paper Tape, Roll.Product Specifications • Gentle, breathable, "paper" tape with rayon backing.• For general dressing applications and taping fragile, at-risk skin.• Hypoallergenic.• White.
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Microfoam Hypoallergenic Elastic Foam Surgical Tape by 3M

3M Microfoam - Elastic Surgical Tape (Hypoallergenic) is a hypoallergenic foam adhesive tape that conforms to body contours. This closed-cell foam tape gives in all directions to accommodate swelling and...
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Mefix Medical Tape Polyacrylate Adhesive by Molnlycke

The Mefix Self Adhesive Medical Tape provides barrier to blood and fluid, allows for convenient measurement/cutting.Product Specifications: • Stretchable.• Conformable fabric backing.• May be applied over flexing areas such as...
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Johnson And Johnson Elastikon Tape

ELASTIKON TAPE 1"X 2.5YDS • High-twist, cotton elastic cloth tape with a rubber-based adhesive • Designed to help provide the elasticity needed for dynamic pressure dressing, and conforms to difficult...
$3.84 $2.62
TapeWound Care

Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape by Covidien

Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape by Kendall is a general use medical tape used in wound care. It is used for frequent taping and re-taping of dressings where skin irritation is...
$1.99 $1.98