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Discount Medical Supplies is constantly working to ensure precision in product information, however, keep in mind that manufacturers may adjust or alter their ingredient lists.  Product packaging and materials may differ from the information given on our website.  For this reason, we advise you to fully research the labels, warnings, additional information, and directions presented to you before using or consuming a product.  Do not only rely on the information provided to you If you have any additional questions in regards to your product please contact the manufacturer directly.  The content in our website serves as reference only.  By no means does it substitute the recommendations given by a practitioner, pharmacist, or physician.  This information is not to be used as a self-diagnostics tool or as knowledge on how to treat a health related situation. Consult with your health-care provider immediately if you believe you are suffering from a medical condition. Information about and descriptions of dietary supplements are not endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or medical condition. 

Federal Law (U.S.) restricts the sale of electrotherapy devices to or by the order of a Licensed physician. In accordance with U.S. Federal Law, a prescription is a required to purchase a TENS, EMS, Interferential, Microcurrent, or Ultrasound unit if you are a patient ordering in the U.S. (Electrodes and accessories do not require a prescription). There are certain instances when a TENS unit or other electrotherapy device should not be used, which is why a prescription is necessary from your Physician. Electrotherapy devices should not be used if you are wearing a cardiac pacemaker, have any types of Heart Conditions, or being pregnant except under the advice of a physician.

Please be advised that if you place an order that includes a CPAP machine, CPAP masks and/or heated humidifiers, it is required that you provide us with a copy of your prescription before your order can be shipped. Orders for parts like filters, water chambers, tubing, mask parts, pillows or cushions do not require for a prescription.

You can send us a copy of your CPAP prescription in these two easy and convenient ways:

  1. * Fax toll free: 1-877-806-8640
  2. * Email it to sales@discountmedicalsupplies.com


If your doctor has knowledge of any sleep study performed on you or is aware that you use a CPAP machine, you can ask them to write you a Rx for your required supplies, making it quicker than going through a sleep specialist

Please take into consideration that you can present a handwritten prescription on a traditional Rx pad, as long as it includes the doctor’s name, contact information and the doctor’s legible signature. Also the Rx must include your name and detail of the requested equipment. For instance: “BiPAP”, “CPAP”, “CPAP Mask”, “CPAP Humidifier” or “CPAP Supplies”. Also, most prescriptions can include a pre-established pressure setting for the CPAP machine, however if not included, this information the patient can later provide it.

Note: As per HIPPA regulations, it is your right to ask your physician for a prescription. In case you encounter any difficulties getting a copy, Our customer support team will be more tan glad to assist you.


Prescription Form (U.S. orders only).

Please have your healthcare provider (Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant, Ph. D., Physical Therapist, Doctor of Acupuncture, or Doctor of Osteopathy) use his/her own script pad and mail or fax your prescription to Discount Medical Supplies.

Wellness Operation Company LLC. 757 Manatee Bay Drive, Boynton Beach, 33435.

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