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Sharps Container SharpSafety™ 6-1/4 H X 4-1/2 W X 4-1/4 D Inch 1 Quart Red Base / Translucent Lid Vertical Entry

SharpSafety Multi-purpose Sharps Container 1.5 Quart Red by Covidien. Features: Features square base for added stability and a leak-resistant screw cap. Accommodates small syringes, blood needle holders and other sharps...
$10.03 $3.88
SharpSafety Autodrop Phlebotomy Container 1 Quart by Covidien
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SharpSafety Autodrop Phlebotomy Container 1 Quart by Covidien

Kendall Phlebotomy Sharps Containers are made with 100% polypropylene. Compact in size, these Portable Phlebotomy Containers fit into blood drawing trays for the efficient disposal of medical sharps. Two separate...
$5.49 $2.99
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SharpSafety Transportable Sharps Container by Covidien - Singles

Transportable Sharps Containers are conveniently sized for easy transport in situations such as EMS, ambulance, home health care or psychiatric units.  Product Specifications:•Simple•One-handed operation•Convenient sizes•Leak-resistant screw cap•Large disposal opening•2 Gallon...