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Oral Swab Toothette Plus Mouthwash Foam Tip 2 per Pack

Features Gently clean, moisten and refresh the mouth Contains 2 untreated swabs and .25 oz antiseptic oral rinse per package Cetylpyridinium Chloride 0.05% Soft foam sponge is gentle on gums...
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Sage Single Use Suction Toothbrush System Sage Single Use Suction Toothbrush System
Clearance SaleOral Care

Sage Single Use Suction Toothbrush System

Sage Toothett Oral Care Single Use Suction Toothbrush System with Perox-A-Mint® Solution is designed for use by professionals with patients who cannot expectorate and cannot perform their own oral care....
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Sage Suction Swab System, with Perox-A-Mint Solution and Mouth Moisturizer

Features Cleansing and suctioning tools connect directly to standard suction lines Helps clean and moisturize the mouth to promote oral health. Each kit contains: 2 Suction swabs treated with sodium...
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Toothette Swab with Dentifrice by Sage Products

The Sage Products Inc Toothette® Swab with Dentifrice allows you to gently clean your mouth, teeth and refresh your breath.Product Specifications: • For patients who can perform all or most...
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